Photos of the sky

The Cuba Press, 2018

The collection starts with a declaration; ends in realisation. In between is a journey of reaching across the Tasman, shifting to a new home, reaching a place of disquiet and starting again.

The full spectrum of emotions brings with it rain, sweat, tears, wildflowers and the promise of snow.

Some of the poems in Photos of the Sky can be found in earlier forms here on my website, others have appeared in: Bonsai (CUP), A new beginning (Women Who Write, Melbourne), The ties that bind (Melbourne Writers’ Social Group), Truth or Beauty : Poetry and Biography, A Lasting Peace (Greytown Arts Festival event) and Eat Your Words: Wellington café poems (Whitireia).


“The collection is in four parts: reach, shift, reach, this time. These convey the feeling of the text as a whole, in which the past definitely exists but the poet is living in the present with an eye on the future, knowing that this moment is just that, a moment, and things might or might not be about to change.” — Takahē Magazine

“The attempts towards, the shifting of perspectives, the attempts again, the relief. I felt the image of a trapeze artist, swinging out to try to catch someone else’s hands, falling back, swinging again, and finally meeting.” — The Reader

“If you like your poems tough and confrontational, this is the one for you. Koirala has a certain flair and essence.” — Otago Daily Times


Here are some videos of me reading from Photos of the Sky