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I am completely thrilled to have my first Young Adult novel published by Makaro Press!

It’s so so close to coming into existence and just needs one last push from you, dear readers!

Makaro say: ” Our press is only three years old, and for the past two years we’ve had books shortlisted in the NZ Book Awards for Children & Young Adults: The Book of Hat by Harriet Rowland (2015), The Red Suitcase by Jill Harris (2015), and just announced … Sylvie the Second by Kaeli Baker (2016), which is in the main awards with stellar writers like Bernard Beckett and Fleur Beale, and the Children’s Choice Awards.

This is exciting for a small press. It means we’re on to something. But it puts us under pressure reprinting a book to satisfy all those who want to read an award finalist.

And now we have another Young Adult book all ready to go. It is edited and designed and the printer is lined up. We believe we have another winner on our hands, and that we need a good-sized print run to bring this story to as many people as possible. But with our award commitments, we can’t do it justice.

That’s why we’re asking for your support. This is a book that music lovers of any age will enjoy. Lonesome When You Go is a book for all those students playing in a rock band, and even for those who aren’t. It’s written by a teacher who played the bass in a band at school, so she knows her stuff. And if you’re not in your first band, maybe you’ll remember when you were in one, and all that mattered was playing as often and as loud as you could (and, if you were lucky, winning something along the way). Or maybe you just like to read an exciting story – then this book is for you.

Help us get Lonesome When You Go published! And if you can’t pledge, then spread the word.”

Please check out the campaign and add your part if you can

x Saradha

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