Tuesday Poem – As You Like it

Dad calls to tell me he’s well
and life is just a drama
from Monday to Sunday.

He says someone plays music
another dances into view
we’re all just acting
until the curtain comes down.

I don’t know if he’s ever read Shakespeare
but his metaphor, apt
on a day of walking to the beach
worrying about Grandad (pipes
and whistles in his sound)
calling each other to describe our lives.

Here, he says,
someone is in the cupboard
deciding what to wear
another has left to buy chillies.

Someone else has called his daughter
as she walks to the beach
to say everyone is well here
playing their part
and life is just a drama
until the curtain comes down.


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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem – As You Like it

      1. I love it, I will tell you more! You just need time to listen. We will go to Nepal and I will tell you lots of my childhood story which would be fascinating for you me and everyone. Plan saradha plan for coming November to December we can be there.

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