Tuesday Poem – I am Glass

Dale Chihuly
Temperate House Mille Fiori, 2005

Slow flow thickening when upright
transparent enough at first glance
but a harder stare only stares back
I remember sand
I remember heat, enough to run
my surface blurs, haunted
by every touch
idle or otherwise.



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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem – I am Glass

  1. ooh this makes me think of the lovely Sandman in the Elizabeth Knox Dreamhunter books – that transformation…

  2. Nice!

    And funnily enough, Mary, I too was thinking of the Elizabeth Knox books as I read it. ‘Sand’ & ‘transformations’ I suppose!

  3. I love the repetition of the central lines – it really pulls the poem into the centre and concentrates the image. And, me, too, I was thinking of Elizabeth Knox with the morphing sand.

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