Tuesday Poem – Birds of Anguilla

soft terns  swifts  swallows
plovers ascending
rails  crakes  grebes to earth
harsh bitterns, thrashers and thrushes
surviving as tyrant flycatcher, fisher
of kings, catcher of oysters
woodpecker or spoonbill
behind gentle hummingbird mocking-
bird  bunting  gallinules
foolish ibis  cuckoos and boobies
egged on by coots  gannets
the mysterious skua
delicate seedeaters  lapwings
osprey  melodious new world warblers
sandpipers  percussive kites
a militant accompaniment
cardinals  troupials  martins
a frigatebird  cormorant
suspicious guineafowl
weather turning shearwaters
to storm-petrels  gulls
indecipherable anis  jaegers
tanagers and vireos
at last, nightjars
avocets and stilts
bananaquit after caracaras
doves into silence
typical owls  barn owls

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem – Birds of Anguilla

  1. Reading this poem out loud was delightful, the way the tongue tripped over the list of familiar and unfamiliar bird names. I’m intrigued about your choice of Anguilla – any particular reason for focusing on this location?

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