Tuesday Poem – Honestly

for John Key

I have always believed
we should enhance
the literary skills of our young people

and while our literary heroes
may never challenge the glory
and respect given to our

All Blacks,
we still need role models
to inspire us.

From The Listener

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem – Honestly

  1. I really thought you had made this up…He’s a real bloke isn’t he? I shudder to think of a meeting between John Key and Tony Abbott, should the latter become PM over here. They’ll probably just play touch footy with Julia Gillard’s severed head, or something equally boyish and endearing.

  2. Maybe if we campaign to give John Key a Nobel Prize for Literature, he will resign as PM out of embarrassment? Because, of course, he never made the All Blacks.

    Great stuff, Saradha!

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