Reading ‘The History of Love’ – by Nicole Krauss

I didn’t have any destination in mind. It started to get dark but I persevered. When I saw a Starbucks I went in and bought a coffee because I felt like a coffee, not because I wanted anyone to notice me. Normally I would have made a big production Give me a Grande Vente, I mean a Tall Grande, Give me a Chai Super Vente Grande, or do I want a Short Frappe? and then for punctuation, I would’ve had a small mishap at the milk station. Not this time. I poured the milk like a normal person, a citizen of the world, and sat down in an easy chair across from a man reading the newspaper. I wrapped my hands around the coffee. The warmth felt good. The next table over there was a girl with blue hair leaning over a notebook chewing on a ballpoint pen, and at the table next to her was a little boy in a soccer uniform sitting with his mother who told him, The plural of elf is elves. A wave of happiness came over me. I felt giddy to be part of it all. To be drinking a cup of coffee like a normal person. I wanted to shout out: The plural of elf is elves! What a language! What a world!

2 thoughts on “Reading ‘The History of Love’ – by Nicole Krauss

  1. I adore this book. I hope you love it as much as I did! Finding a wonderful book makes me feel like shouting ‘The plural of elf is elves!’

    1. Haha! I usually don’t write about books until I’ve finished them but I’m so loving this one. It’s raining again today, which is pleasing when a good book sits unfinished!

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