Tuesday Poem – Horoscope

Things will be fine.
And then they’ll be hard for a while.
Maybe unexpected disruptions will occur,
dramas will be created by you
or those around you.

Then things will settle down again.
You will get tired
you will make mistakes:
errors of judgement or irrational decisions.
You will make the right decisions.

You will get sad. You will laugh.
You will mix your metaphors
and bumble along.
You will glance back briefly
to question the past

but mostly you’ll look up
and mostly you’ll be fine.

Tuesday Poem

One thought on “Tuesday Poem – Horoscope

  1. Very Good.

    Your poem says all that needs to be said about the topic. You’ve probably heard the one about Kelvin Mackenzie, editor of The Sun, who sacked the paper’s astrologist — his letter began with the phrase, “As you have no doubt foreseen …”

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