Tuesday poem – Trouble-shooting

It feels like spring today! Here’s a clensing/gardening poem:


Aphids, wooly aphids, white butterfly,
grass grub, caterpillar, carrot rust fly.

Botrytis, pythium, rust, spider mite,
mealy bug, leaf hopper, leaf roller, blight.

Borer, verrucosis, codlin moth, snail,
lacewing (passion hopper) pear slug, scale.

Powdery mildew, citrus brown rot,
leaf curl, die-back, thrips, leaf spot.


Pyrethrum, garlic spray, Derris Dust, squash,
Conqueror Oil, soapy cold wash.

Jeyes Fluid, wind break, Petroleum Jelly,
Malathion, Diazinon, Carbaryl, chilli.

Methylated Spirits, insecticide,
egg shells, copper spray, Oxychloride.

Bravo, Target, Captan, Orthene,
Cut out, pick off, burn, clean.

Tuesday Poem

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  1. Hi Saradha
    Neil Furby here one of the organisers of Ballroom Cafe Poetry
    We now have some free slots in our program for Guest Poets
    Would you be available to be our guest poet in either Sept Oct or Nov this year

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