Tuesday poem – Catchpool valley

We left the wine bottles
as candle-holders
to decorate the hut,
swept up and out
and down towards water and back
scrambling over bracken

at the base of young trees
like epiphytes

then down again a cracked track
where old branches lay like martyrs
over too-steep steps
back to the river
flowing faster
and deep so we couldn’t cross

without a hand to hold
and our feet were numb
and the sun
stung our wine-swept eyes.

© Saradha Koirala 2008

Tuesday Poem

4 thoughts on “Tuesday poem – Catchpool valley

  1. I love this poem! I’ve just encountered Joseph Mills’s wine-related poems and this one is a great extension of this themes – from wine to your potent images of the bush, so physical and true. Thanks!


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