Why we write – part 2

Here are some quotes from my Creative Writing class expressing what we love about writing – inspiring stuff!

When life gets you down, write your way back up.

Words are your mind; your mind is whatever you wish.

Getting stuck sometimes gives you the best ideas.

An idea for a story is like an unexpected visitor: you don’t want it to leave, but where shall you put it?

The challenge of being an author is making the make-believe seem real.

Poetry is just the end of the road – it’s what you discover on the journey that counts.

Your life is a story – write it!

Poetry is like a light leading you to the full story.

Writing is like something I can’t explain – the rush of pen across paper creating magical new places and characters or portraying your feelings is something you should not miss.

If you can’t eat, sleep or talk, write.

2 thoughts on “Why we write – part 2

  1. I can never see “Why We Write” without reconfiguring it as “Why We Fight”, any answer to which tends to involve Nazi vampires in submarines – which, unless you’re a very particular writer, may not have the intended inspirational effect.

    My own answer is: because I feel happy when I do, and unhappy before many days pass if I don’t.

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