Tuesday Poem: Tearwater tea

Over and over they told me the story:
a boy, an imagined wolf.

As if sorrow can be likened to mischief.

I hold the teapot in both hands
another pleasingly salty brew.

© Saradha Koirala 2010

Tuesday Poem

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem: Tearwater tea

  1. Still making me think – tight and expansive – light and heavy – all at once – with images that knit together in the most astonishing way – a great start to the Tuesday Poem this week – thank you Saradha

  2. Mysterious … a lot of images here to take away wrapped in words. I found your poem surprising – and I like to be surprised when I read a poem. Thank you.

  3. I saw your reading tonight at the Ballroom Cafe and was very impressed…. nice work here on the blog also.

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