Lonesome When You Go

Storylines Notable Book Awards 2017


Published by Makaro Press July 2016

Lonesome When You Go is a novel about practising solo, performing like a rockstar and how contributing your best self to something can create a force much greater than the sum of its parts.


“Refreshingly upbeat… [Paige], like the narrative, is eminently likeable; her voice articulate without being apologetic.” – Magpies

Paige is a wonderful, strong but complex heroine, her world is believable, yet immersing. I look forward to more books from this author.” 

“I couldn’t wait to get back to the book every day…  I absolutely loved the main character, Paige. It made me look back at my teenage self with more empathy and tenderness.”

“I highly recommend it to anyone who is or was ever 15.”  – Goodreads

“… the whole story pounds with the beat of the band” – Around the Bookshops

“Well written, witty, perceptive and real… Musos will love this book and it will fill a gap in many school collections.” – Bob’s Book Blog

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